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Play on your iPhone!
by plusadd

18 playable instruments!
Grand Piano Church Organ Tremolo
Brass Section Violin Guitar
Trumpet E Guitar Flute
Sawtooth etc.
You can play with backup music easily
by just pressing chord buttons!
Typing and editing chords
is very easy♪
Change the wallpaper
and improve the mood!
7 colors + 10 images
Connecting with a MIDI-compatible keyboard makes
your performance more authentic!
You can play the instrument you choose right away.
  • 88 keys full keyboard the same as a real piano
  • 18 tones including high quality grand piano, flute, electric guitar etc.
  • Simply press the chord button to play with an accompaniment.
  • Easily creating and editing chord set
  • 3 keyboard size options including a 2-stage keyboard
  • CoreMIDI support
  • Easy to change wallpaper